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How to choose the perfect Grit level for your Nails

80 grit: This is very coarse and should never be used on natural nails. This is sometimes used on artificial nails but with caution.

100 grit: This is still considered 'coarse' however a 100 grit can safely be used on artificial nails only.

180 grit: This is the lowest/coarsest grit that should be used on natural nails but if your nails are damaged or prone to damage, you might want to use a higher/finer grit.

240 grit: This is a gentler and finer grit, often used for buffing the nails to a smooth finish or buffing away any stains/marks.

500 grit: A file with this grit is very soft and is usually only be used to polish the nail and add shine.
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